TaKe Foundation

The TaKe Foundation

Planting Prosperity in Hong Kong

‘Field to Table Sustainable Bamboo Products’ as an Alternative to Plastic

Our Partners

Nurturing the Hong Kong Ecosystem

ともに生きる 掛け替えのない自然

Live in Harmony. Respect Nature

The Inspiration

  • Fast Growing
  • Extremely Adaptable
  • Little Water
  • No Chemical Pesticides /
  • Fertisliser

Bamboo Products

  • Durable & Flexible
  • Biodegradable
  • Economical

Planting Prosperity In Hong Kong

Nurturing the Hong Kong Ecosystem

Empty Land Use

Guaranteed offset of CO2 footprint

Managed ROI

Sustainable Economic & Cultural Values

Creation of Local Jobs

TaKe the first step today.

News and Upcoming


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TaKe Foundation at Re:Think 2021

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Green Artisan – July 2021

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